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Cooking in the Dark is of great contemporary relevance and sits at the intersection of a variety of broader social trends, food equity concerns, and food sustainability movements. Nationwide and locally in Colorado, the local and organic food movements are growing, as is the related movement for “food justice”. At the same time, Americans and Coloradans are exhibiting growing concern for the environment and interest in sustainable food production, sustainable water use, and soil conservation practices, as well as strategies to mitigate climate change. Amidst intensifying urbanization, the safety, utility, and beauty of urban spaces is increasingly a cause for concern, as are the yawning gaps between rural and urban life and culture across the United States.  Cooking in the Dark is a meeting place for people who share these distinct but overlapping concerns, as it showcases innovative practices in urban land and water management, local food production, and the connections between urban and rural living, among many other intersections that speak to these broader trends.


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Virtual Vanguard Productions presents a new and innovative television series called, "Cooking in the Dark".

Each episode of the show has three segments. In the first segment, Our Host Claudia and Producer, Director, Filmmaker Sam McKenzie go to a Colorado farm or ranch to learn about its operations and to gather ingredients. In the second segment, she meets with a chef in Colorado for advice and tips on how to cook those ingredients. In the third segment, she returns to her own kitchen and cooks a meal with one or more young persons. The show is based in a clever double entendre—while Claudia is literally cooking in the dark because she has been legally blind since she was young, the audience is also “cooking in the dark” in a figurative sense owing to our ignorance of the social, political, economic, cultural, and environmental context in which our food is grown/raised, processed, prepared, and eaten.
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Cooking in the Dark is an adventure production aired on Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Service (RMPBS).
Cooking in the Dark is a half-hour television show produced by Virtual Vanguard Productions, LLC. with 2 seasons being aired on Rocky Mountain PBS (RMPBS), Channel 6.
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