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CU Onboard with virtual vanguard

With the help of the CU Denver Professor Michael Cummings and Sasha Breger, Virtual Vanguard has established a working relationship with the staff and internship teams at University of Colorado.
Working together to create an atmosphere of success, Virtual Vanguards core goal is to help nurture the most grounded and rounded graduating individuals through diversity, ecology, sustainability, youth engagement, and citizen empowerment.
Virtual Vanguard Productions is a full service production company dedicated to producing original and unconventional video and film content initiating public discourse. Virtual Vanguard Productions will capitalize on the growing entertainment market across Colorado and eventually the nation through the production and promotion of high quality entertainment.

Virtual Vanguard Productions, is an established dynamic production company located in Denver, Colorado. The staff and producer/owner, Sam McKenzie pride themselves on their ability to attract original creative collaborations with an authentic voice. Virtual Vanguard Productions continues to partner with other community stakeholders to develop and produce projects across a wide range of genres.

Since 2009, Virtual Vanguard Productions focuses on projects that highlight various social and cultural issues. Working with innovative minds and engaging material, Virtual Vanguard Productions is a new and important voice in independent entertainment, reaching beyond the boundaries of tradition.

Virtual Vanguard Productions is a highly profitable and creates immediate revenue streams while growing its production catalog maintaining a multi-million dollar asset portfolio.

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Our partnership with the University of Colorado, Denver has been extraordinary.
Click on the links below to see testimonials by our colleagues and student interns.
Sam A. McKenzie, CEO
building community through yummy food

Virtual Vanguards latest project producing the RMPBS cooking show entitled, "Cooking in the Dark" will primarily focus on food awareness and education through a delightfully entertaining venue.  The is an entertaining twist on this show that will intrigue you for sure.  Keep an eye out for upcoming articles and announcements for when Cooking in the Dark premiers on RMPBS.
Claudia l. folska, Ph.d
Host of Season 1&2
(Contract Ended)
second season is HERE!

Due to the gaining popularity and viewership of Cooking in the Dark, RMPBS is airing 9 more episodes from Virtual Vanguard Productions.  Scheduled to air every Saturday at 9:30am on RMPBS, channel 6 or streamed at
Virtual Vanguard Productions is the only agency outside of RMPBS to air a series on their network.

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