One of the on going tasks of the memorial maintenance is to replace the flags that fly at half-mass leading up to the memorial itself.

The memorial is so very touching and means so much to us all that we at Virtual Vanguard Productions feel it is imperative for us to share an out reach to you all to help defer the cost of this burden on the memorial.

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The Colorado Freedom Memorial is constructed of glass that will reflect Colorado's mountains and blue skies. It is approximately 12-feet tall and 95-feet wide. Each of the names of the nearly 6,000 Coloradans killed or missing in action will be etched in the glass panels dedicated to the specific war in which they fought. In the case of the MIA's, their names will be etched in a special panel of glass.

As the visitor looks at the glass, it will reflect back his/her own image so that the visitor actually becomes a part of the memorial. The height of the glass and the reflected surroundings will seem to loom over the visitor and then fade away—all symbolic of service men and women falling in action.

The wars represented in this stunning monument are all separated from Colorado by water. To maintain that division, a stream of water moves along the walking path between the visitor and the memorial wall. The memorial is located on a four-acre parcel near Buckley Air Force Base in Springhill Community Park. The City of Aurora has contributed a generous lease for the land as their support for the project.

The Colorado Freedom Memorial