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Episode One - Our Colorado Lamb

The topics of Episode One are our local Colorado Lamb provided by the "Triple M-Bar Ranch" in Manzanola; our local DryDock Brewery and variety of local beers; our local veterans honored by our local Freedom Memorial in Aurora; our local foundation helping kids called, "Think Like a Genius".

Episode Two - Our Colorado Eggs

The topics of Episode Two are our local Colorado Eggs mostly provided by our local backyard chickens; our Colorado Water that is reflected in the purity and taste of our local Colorado Egg; our local Colorado school gardens who nurture chickens and eggs to our children; and most of all, how you can take an intended recipe that you might mess up and use it to create a new recipe that tastes yummy therefore wasting nothing but gaining yet another "new perspective" on food and cooking.

Season One - Episodes

Episode Three - Our Colorado Honey

The topics of Episode Three are our local Honey Bees; Denver Union Station (the bee hives on top of DUS and the Chef down in DUS); the importance of the Honey Bee and our stewardship to them as human beings.
Episode Four - Our Colorado Beef

The topics of Episode Four are our Colorado Beef (featuring Senator Larry Crowder and his son Patrick Crowder); our Colorado River; The National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD); River Rafting; Camping; Poetry (from Justice Hobbs)